Live Loveland is a movement to celebrate, engage and unify our community.

Celebrate what is great about living, working & playing here. Positivity creates positivity. 

–Increase engagement in a wide array of community programs, initiatives and events. Participation is transformative.

–Build relationships across every field to further unify our community. 

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Why “Live Loveland”?

It’s Time to Celebrate Loveland
Loveland is the Best of the West: a vibrant economy, world-class arts, friendly business climate, wonderful schools, majestic horse country, American hometown feel – all framed by the Rocky Mountains… Loveland is the full Colorado experience, surrounded by incredible talent. We want the citizens of Loveland — and the people of Colorado — to recognize this.

Who is Loveland? What is the identity and story of Loveland?
Live Loveland was created specifically to connect citizens to each other, to help lead public policy issues, and engaging them to make a better Loveland.

It’s not somebody else’s job. It’s OURS.
Live Loveland is taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to engaging our community. If Loveland doesn’t define itself, then outside forces will do it — or perhaps it won’t be done at all.

Let’s Celebrate! 

What makes Loveland special? Show us your ideas by tagging your social media posts with #liveloveland!

  • Vibrant Arts and Culture
  • Unending Recreation Opportunities
  • Economic Vitality
  • World-class Education System
  • Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Festivals: Fire & Ice, Corn Roast, etc.
  • Crossroads of Colorado
  • Foundry Project
  • Unique restaurants
  • High-paying jobs
  • Friendly, welcoming to newcomers
  • World-class horseback riding
  • Loveland Breweries
  • Benson Sculpture Park

Live Loveland is also about collaboration…

Community members began meeting in 2016 to discuss sharing resources and ideas to create a more engaged and unified Loveland. There are currently 30+ active Live Loveland volunteers representing six community sectors: Arts, Business, Education, Faith, Nonprofit, Quality of Life. A wide array of collaborations are underway among the sectors. 

Live Loveland is a project of the Loveland Strategic Partnership, a 501c3.

Join the Movement 

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Become a #LiveLoveland Connector
#liveloveland connectors are community champions who want to take an active role in promoting the story of Loveland to the community at large. As a Connector, you will be asked to write a “Love Letter to the Editor” and also connect us with people in the community who embody the values of Live Loveland- positivity, participation and collaboration. If you’re social media savvy, you can help actively drive engagement on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Add your contact info in the “Become a Connector” form! 

Volunteer for a Sector
Want to build cross-community collaboration? Volunteer to serve in the Arts, Business, Education, Faith, Nonprofit, or Quality of Life sectors. If you are actively working in a sector, we’d love for you to share your ideas on how we can work together to enhance existing community programs and initatives. Let’s make good things happen together. Use the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page to connect with us. 


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Invest in Live Loveland

Live Loveland is a project of the Loveland Strategic Partnership. Planning and development started in 2016 and now over thirty active volunteers spanning six community sectors are busy telling the Loveland Story.

We can’t do it alone, and need your help to ensure that the resounding impact this movement can have on our community is achieved.

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