Live Loveland is a movement to celebrate, engage and unify our community.

Loveland, Colorado is a wonderful place to live, isn’t it? It is time that We, the people of Loveland, tell that story in our own words and pictures. Together, we can ensure that our neighbors, friends, family and even visitors know what makes this place so special. 

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Why “Live Loveland”?

It’s Time to Celebrate Loveland
Loveland is the Best of the West: a vibrant economy, world-class arts, friendly business climate, wonderful schools, majestic horse country, American hometown feel – all framed by the Rocky Mountains… Loveland is the full Colorado experience, surrounded by incredible talent. We want the citizens of Loveland — and the people of Colorado — to recognize this.

Who is Loveland? What is the identity and story of Loveland?
Live Loveland was created specifically to connect citizens to each other, to help lead public policy issues, and engaging them to make a better Loveland.

It’s not somebody else’s job. It’s OURS.
Live Loveland is taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to engaging our community. If Loveland doesn’t define itself, then outside forces will do it — or perhaps it won’t be done at all.

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