Welcome to Our Community-wide Celebration of Loveland!

When people are proud of the place they live and recognize the unique attributes that make their hometown special, everybody wins. Not only does it create a sense of pride in residents both young and old, it draws more tourists, and businesses feel more confident that the community supports them.

The #LiveLoveland campaign aims to help people better understand and appreciate our wonderful city of Loveland, and will encourage them to be more involved in the community. #LiveLoveland will emphasize solutions and focus on the positive attributes of the community.

Why “Live Loveland”?

It’s Time to Celebrate Loveland
Loveland is the Best of the West: a vibrant economy, world-class arts, friendly business climate, wonderful schools, majestic horse country, American hometown feel – all framed by the Rocky Mountains… Loveland is the full Colorado experience, surrounded by incredible talent. We want the citizens of Loveland — and the people of Colorado — to recognize this.

Who is Loveland? What is the identity and story of Loveland?
Live Loveland was created specifically to connect citizens to each other, to help lead public policy issues, and engaging them to make a better Loveland.

It’s not somebody else’s job. It’s OURS.
Live Loveland is taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to engaging our community. If Loveland doesn’t define itself, then outside forces will do it — or perhaps it won’t be done at all.

Goals of the Campaign

Live Loveland will focus on four different themes:

  1. Vibrant Arts and Culture
  2. Unending Recreation Opportunities
  3. Economic Vitality
  4. World-class Education System

Drawing out the unique assets that make Loveland special:

  • Great quality of life
  • Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Festivals: Fire & Ice, Corn Roast, etc.
  • Crossroads of Colorado
  • Foundry project
  • Unique restaurants
  • High-paying jobs
  • Friendly, welcoming to newcomers
  • World-class horseback riding
  • Loveland Beer Tour
  • Benson Sculpture Park

Campaign Details

Initial Launch Date
November 2017
Community Kickoff
December 2017
Full Campaign Launch
January 2018
Campaign Conclusion
December 2018
Drawing from a large group of community stakeholders, these community champions will write editorials and opinion articles for local news, make social media posts on “How Do You Live Loveland” outlets, and give presentations to the community at large.
Media Relations
Announce the Live Loveland campaign through its media relations efforts to statewide publications.
Online ads and strategic billboard ads will be utilized to increase awareness.
Social Engagement
Social media will be the cornerstone of the campaign’s efforts, driving awareness and soliciting citizen involvement.
Website + Blog
Sponsorships, stories, and general campaign updates via traditional web and blog.

There are Many Voices Supporting the
#LiveLoveland Campaign…

Invest in Live Loveland

Live Loveland grew out of the Loveland Strategic Partnership and discussions that have lasted more than a year and a half. Now it’s time to get busy telling the Loveland Story.

We can’t do it alone, and need your help to ensure that the resounding impact this campaign can have on our community is achieved.

Live Loveland grew out of the Loveland Strategic Partnership and discussions that have lasted more than a year and a half. Now it’s time to get busy telling the Loveland Story.

We also accept individual donations of any size through the following link.
Thank you for your support!

Get Involved in the Campaign

Become a #LiveLoveland Connector
#liveloveland connectors are community champions who want to take an active role in promoting the story of Loveland to the community at large. As a Connector, you will be asked to write an LTE, make social media posts on #liveloveland social outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and give one or more presentations to various community groups.

Community Presentations
The Live Loveland Connectors’ main objective will be to make presentations in the community. Success depends on strong coordination with city departments and community institutions such as:

  • Presentation at city council
  • School districts
  • Business community
  • Loveland foundation
  • Churches
  • Loveland Rotary


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