Strong, sustainable businesses create prosperity for our community. Loveland is proud of its longtime connection to technology, its present work in driving a strong business community and a limitless future.

Join Us at “60 Years Celebrating Seeds of Innovation”
Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022
Time: 9am – 1pm
Forge Campus: 815 14th St SW, Loveland, CO 80537

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Loveland, Colorado is a wonderful place to live, isn’t it? 

Live Loveland/Loveland Strategic Partnership (501c3) is working collaboratively to celebrate, engage and unify our community.

We want to amplify the positive, and work together to move our community forward. Together, we can ensure that our neighbors, friends, family and even visitors know what makes this place so special and ensure it stays that way for generations to come

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How does the Loveland Strategic Partnership/Live Loveland celebrate, engage & unite Loveland, Colorado?

UNITE: The primary purpose of Loveland Strategic Partnership (LSP) is to bring education, government, business, non-profits, arts, and other sectors together city wide with a single purpose:  To break down silos that may divide us and collaborate for the betterment of our community. 

We encourage the formation of “Unlikely Alliances” among people and organizations who would not naturally work together but now are finding common ground for a shared common good. Individually we are limited, together we are effective and can make a difference.

ENGAGE: Active LSP volunteers identify specific problems or needs, plan and work together.  The current areas of focus are:  Education/Workforce development, the Arts, Business, Faith, Nonprofits, Quality of Life/Fun; all with a focus on promoting our youth. 

CELEBRATE: LSP uses the branding campaign #LiveLoveland,which encourages all residents to tell their story about how they live in our unique community.  #LiveLoveland is also used as an invitation for everyone to become involved and messages the positive impact this movement is creating.

Together we dream for the future for our community, ourselves, and generations to follow.