Another Way to Support Local Businesses: I Am Loveland

Loveland small businesses create the unique fabric of our community and contribute to the local economy through sales tax revenue and job creation. The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt local businesses in a way that we may not even realize for months.

#LiveLoveland has partnered with I Am Loveland to fundraise specifically for the smaller local businesses that are integral to our vibrant city. People may purchase branded items from the I Am Loveland website and choose the business to which they would like the proceeds donated. The group was founded by Ward II councilor Andrea Samson and a group of volunteers.

To date, the program has raised over $2,000 that will be distributed among 72 different businesses. On Tuesday, May 5 a virtual press conference (via Zoom) will be held at at 10:00AM to announce the recipients of these grants and some other exciting facets of the program. For instance, the Colorado Eagles have agreed to match up to $5,000 in grants, and CEO Martin Lind said he is helping connect the group with others that can help establish it as a tax-exempt nonprofit.

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