Celebrate National Poetry Month With Loveland Poets

From poets.org: National Poetry Month in April is a special occasion to celebrate the importance of poets and poetry in our culture. In this time of uncertainty and great concern, we can rely on poems to offer wisdom, uplifting ideas, and language that prompts reflection that can help us slow down and center mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Love in the Time of Corona

I love
the bird’s nest I found
on the grounds of the hospital yesterday,
it was last year’s, but it was woven
In such a loving tender manner,
the way it was weightless in my hand
yet withstood this winter’s winds.
I love
the way the air smelled of rain
through the trees this afternoon;
how the snow-peaked mountains
were obscured by the thick white fog.
I love
The sound of the voice of my sister
as she was telling me her story,
the ones I never knew.
I love
the way the buds peek out from the branches
to see if the safety of spring’s arrived;
watching the flurry of the birds
returning to the pond,
the way they bob their heads
then flutter their feathers in glee.
I love
this morning before the sun rose
the taste of freshly made tea,
the crunch of newly fallen leaves
off the shedding winter trees.
I love
the sound of his cello
the way his body sways
how dancing to it makes me feel
all the wondrous ways
I never knew.
I hate,
No, I love,
How everything feels—
suddenly so real.

by Lynn Kincanon
Lynn Kincanon is on the Loveland Poet Laureate committee and is active in all of Loveland’s poetry events. She is a nurse practitioner at Medical Center of the Rockies, so on the front lines.

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