Devil’s Backbone

A path I’ve walked for 20 years

with rain, snow, wind and the sun

in awe. This geologic wonder—

how it formed, that it remains. 

–Joanna Rago, November 2018

Devil’s Backbone Photo by Bill Stratton, August 2014

A new Loveland Poet Laureate program has been established, and Veronica Patterson is both its namesake and its first laureate. Veronica has connected us with local poets and we will be sharing their work throughout 2019. Tell us which local writers you’re reading by tagging us with #livelovelandpoetryon social media.

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  1. Nice Joanna! I love this short hike…or you can choose to keep going, walking for an entire day on towards Coyote Ridge or Horsetooth. Perhaps I’ll write about the curvy playful bike trail they created out there!
    Congratulations to Veronica and all the poets in town she’s encouraged and inspired!

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