Lake Morning, Solstice

Lake Morning, Solstice

A Japanese watercolor—

            the lake still, one grebe gliding

                        mountains twice, Longs, 

Meeker, the Mummy Range, Indian 

            Peaks. Cottonwood seeds speckle 

                        the surface, a dotted Swiss dream

of summer. Aside from our paddles

            dripping, this floating world is quiet.

                        We pause to meditate, as the almost 

level light of sun coming gently 

            insists. The word perfecthovers

                        like a blue dragonfly. Our

voices murmur. Mine, of how the wall

            of the canyon catches the sun. Yours,

                        of light on the Palisades. 

We’ve said these things before, but some words

            bear repeating. Even our canoe 

                        is green.

–Veronica Patterson

#liveloveland is celebrating Loveland Poetry Month this April by sharing words written by local poets! A new Loveland Poet Laureate program has been established, and Veronica Patterson is both its namesake and its first laureate. Go #liveloveland this month by reading some local poetry! Tell us about what you’re reading by tagging us with #liveloveland #poetry on social media.

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