Live Lovelander: Doneta Layland

Tell us about yourself and your dog, Looey: 

I’m into gardening, trains, crafts, movies and TV shows, entrepreneurship.I am a semi-retired tax preparer and a bookkeeper/accountantand have an office at desk chair.

My dog is Miss Lulita – meaning Warrior Queen. Looey for short, or if she is being silly – then Looey Toos, like Looney Tunes.  She is a character.  She does enjoy going for a ride to the store.  If she is able to break free – chasing a bunny is very entertaining.  

How long have you lived in Loveland & what brought you here?

Born here.  65+ years! 

What is something that is missing from our community that you would love to see implemented?

A free trolley or golf carts. 

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