Live Lovelander: Elza Simpson

What do you like to spend your time on?

In retirement I’ve been studying simple mechanical machines and using newly gained knowledge to make some unique switch plates at Loveland CreatorSpace

My interests involve taking an idea and developing that idea to a finished item. This may include electronics, programming, wood working, and mechanical machines. I started reading books on electronics in the seventh grade because I wanted to make something my father challenged me to do. My father said that if I designed it he would buy me the parts to make it. This was before personal computers and microcontrollers so it took a lot of parts to design and make something that today would be a no-brainer. 

Tell us about yourself: 

I’ve been married for 30 years to my best friend Pat who is the love of my life. We have two daughters and six grandkids (all boys!).

I worked for United Airlines as a Senior Technical Support Analyst; GE and IBM as a technician; EDS, HP, HPE and DXC Technologies as a programmer. I started, with two other partners, Denver Elevator Systems, Inc. which was in the black within three months.  I sold my portion of the company after 8.5 years.

On paper I wasn’t qualified to do any of the jobs mentioned before because they all required a degree, so I started working right after high school. I hated school and going to collage was the last thing on my mind. I had to take an electronics test during the interview at United Airlines. I got a 100 on the test, and out of hundreds of applicants for three job openings, I was hired on the spot.

How long have you lived in Loveland & what brought you here?

We moved to Loveland October 2017. Both of our daughters moved to Loveland with their families and we wanted to be able to see them on a regular basis.

What is your favorite way to get out and enjoy our town?

I like to walk in downtown Loveland. We also go to many of the celebration held downtown.

What is one word that you would use to describe Loveland?


Our mission is to celebrate, engage and unify Loveland. Can you share something you did recently to celebrate, engage or unify our town?

The laser engraver/cutter is one of the main reasons I joined Loveland CreatorSpace(LCS).  My original goal with the laser was to make cases for clocks I was making at the time. However, I soon realized how much fun and easy it is to use the laser to make unique and one-of-a-kind items. So I started making fancy little boxes and things. I was amazed at the response I was getting from the other members of LCS. 

The switch plates that I make at LCS use gears and levers to flip the light switch on and off. It’s fun to watch the reaction from the people who pick them up and operate them. Most people don’t think about how things work mechanically. There are absolutely brilliant things made mechanically. Hopefully, the switch plates help to spark an interest in something that is new to them. Make them wonder things like, how can a square gear actually work?

What does your ideal Loveland weekend look like?

Relaxing and spending time with the family.

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