Love Letter: Making the Community Better

I moved to Loveland, CO from NW Iowa in 1983.  I was drawn here by technology, jobs, the mountains, and family. Loveland has been a great place to raise a family, enjoy what our community has to offer, and access the mountains for amazing outdoor recreation. 

During the first 20 years of living in Loveland, I was busy with raising a family, going back to school, church social life, and generally enjoying everything Loveland had to offer.  About 10 years ago, as the kids were getting older, I decided to pursue a desire to give back to a community that has served me so well.

But where to start?  I love business, so my first focus was to find a business event, show up on time, wear something nice, and attend consistently.  I was also invited to get to know other business people by Kelly Jones, with City of Loveland Economic Development.  After a while, I met many amazing people and was invited to participate in various groups and organizations.

I have chosen to #LiveLoveland in a myriad of ways, but my motivation to be an active part of this movement is to deepen the rich and relevant relationships throughout the community and within northern Colorado.  While the connections serve to deepen the potential of our community, it is also an enjoyable collaboration among a growing number of friends.  All of it is to make our community and region a better place for us, our kids, and their kids.

I challenge each of you to #liveloveland by engaging in your community in a meaningful way around the things you are passionate about. Let’s continue to grow Loveland into the collective vision we have for our community.

–Jay Doktor, (Love) Letter to the Editor, Reporter Herald, January 21, 2019

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