Love Letter: Westward, ho, to Loveland

In 1986, with $1,000 in my purse, in my beat up Subaru, the day after my high school graduation, I set out from Iowa and headed west for Loveland. My first jobs were at the Old St. Louis restaurant and also the Summit in west Loveland, both sadly no longer in business but historic in their nature to the locals who frequented them.

I went up to CSU, registered for college and hunkered down in my new favorite place, Loveland. My goal was to meet every person in Loveland and at CSU, which seems so beautifully naïve writing this at 50 years of age. Today, I work for the city of Loveland and have successfully been able to meet a small percentage of the community members over these past 33 years, still trying to meet my goal.
I #LiveLoveland through these engaged citizens who inspire me daily to give back to this community through volunteering, financial support of our nonprofits, and being servant leaders by thinking about the community first instead of their personal agendas. I am a huge fan of Alternatives to Violence with their goal of making this community violence free.

There is so much to be grateful for, and I feel that every day in Loveland through the faces on the streets. Thank you, Loveland!

–Kelly Jones, (Love) Letter to Editor, Reporter Herald, February 18, 2019

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