Poetry: Caroline Naderhoff Orman

Enjoy “One More Sunrise” by Caroline Naderhoff Orman. Caroline grew up on a small Illinois dairy farm. She graduated from Carleton College, and earned an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. She and her husband, printmaker Jack Orman, raised a family in Loveland. Caroline taught piano for many years, and now writes poetry, and paints. “One More Sunrise” is from Caroline Orman’s collection of poetry Slow Dance of Autumn.

Veronica Patterson, Loveland’s first Poet Laureate is connecting Live Loveland with local poets and we will be sharing their work throughout 2019. Tell us which local writers you’re reading by tagging us with #livelovelandpoetryon social media. 

One More Sunrise

I twirl my brush into a cut-open
twisted tube of color,
dried out years ago.

At one time
I would have thrown the tube away.

Now, I wait,

and watch
the wet bristles coax another sunrise
from the old caked pigment,
guided by my hand—
controlled, yet very free.

‘Controlled, yet free.’
Is that the essence of art?

After many years of living,
is that, now,

Caroline Orman

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  1. Beautiful. There is something about my aging process that resonates with the phrase, “controlled, but free.”

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