Poetry: Norma Hammond

Enjoy two poems by Norma Gilbert Hammond: “Celebration” and “Memory Garden.” Both touch on markers of springtime: weddings and gardens.

Norma was born during the Depression years. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in physical therapy and practiced for more than thirty years. She is the mother of five grown children and grandmother of thirteen. She lives in Loveland, Colorado with her husband, Lynn.  From her collection At the Edge of the Woods.

Veronica Patterson, Loveland’s first Poet Laureate is connecting Live Loveland with local poets and we will be sharing their work throughout 2019. Tell us which local writers you’re reading by tagging us with #livelovelandpoetryon social media.


in a meadow

by a river

food and drink and laughter


kids roll in grass

with a dog named Oscar,

music in a tent:

the bride wears a purple hat

dances polka, jitterbug,

with the groom, with her dad,

with a purple shadow

who keeps the step in flits and fades,

no one wants to leave,

we stand around in clots

of conversation, hugging old,

greeting new,


in the blessing of this



Memory Garden

I keep digging

with my sorry fingernails

to make a cradle

for this milky

promise sent

in plain brown

wrapper, which has

mostly sloughed

away, but never mind,

I plant, cover it with

mulch-rich dirt crumbled

just so through my

fingers and give three 

firm pats (hoping it was right side up)

with a little prayer for


and for me

to try 

to understand


the measuring and snipping

of threads,

how to thicken, 


grow tough

as tulips

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