Live Lovelander: William Hutchinson

Tell us about yourself: 

I love strategy, board games and people!

How long have you lived in Loveland and what brought you here?

Moved when I was 2, joined the Army at 17, moved back at 30. Environment, community, and innovation. Great place to raise a family!

What is your favorite way to get out and enjoy our town?

Happy hour! You meet so many nifty people who are welcoming!

What is one word that you would use to describe Loveland?


What is something that is missing from our community that you would love to see implemented?

More tourism. We should leverage DIA and our incredible art. 

Our mission is to celebrate, engage and unify Loveland. Can you share something you did this week to celebrate, engage or unify our town?

This week WSBlaunched its first public workshop in Loveland – we are donating materials, time, and licensed instructors to teach a non-solicitous cash flow and debt management workshop. Financial Literacy isn’t taught much and we see ourselves in a position to help increase resilience, peace, and appreciation by giving people a safe environment to learn personal finances without any sales pressure. 

What does your ideal Loveland weekend look like?

Board games, friends, whisky, local beer, and a hike! 

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